ASP, Advanced Space Power Equipment GmbH, is your primary address for power supplies for space, aeronautical, military and demanding commercial applications. Founded in 2003, the company is located in Salem close to the Lake of Constance in Southern Germany.

ASP is deeply rooted in space industry. We provide our customers with individual and specialised DC/DC converters, Instrument Power Units (IPU), Power Control and Distribution Units (PCDU), Electronic Power Conditioner (EPC) as well as Propulsion Power Units (PPU) according to ECSS Standards.

ASP's Avionic Power Electronics derive from a synergy of our space equipment. We bring our best ideas from space in our avionic power equipment thus providing highest possible efficiency and reliability. ASP products are designed to meet challenging DO and MIL requirements.

High-tech industrial customers appreciate ASP power supplies for their outstanding technology. In competing markets ASP power supplies define the technical limits of robustness, accuracy and stability for extraordinary applications. Meeting the cutting edge is our unique selling point.

Parliamentary State Secretary Brigitte Zypries and Member of the Bundestag German Ministry of Economic Affairs and...

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ASP finished with the Delivery Review Board of the last Flight Module, one year of intensive work in the frame of the...

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ASP´s latest product innovation, the ITAR-free 12W COTS converter, has its first mission in space on the ATV-5 “Georges...

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