Discover the skies powered by ASP technology

ASP's avionic and defence power electronics derive from a synergy of our space equipment. We bring our best ideas from space in our avionic power equipment thus providing highest possible efficiency and reliability.

ASP products are designed to meet challenging DO and MIL requirements. No matter, whether power is required for an on-board computer, communication and laser equipment systems or a fuel cell system, we develop power systems in the range from 5W to 150kW and from 1V to 30kV.

ASP provides complete solutions up to the point, where customers ask for ASP support to create full scale power system specifications. Small and large series are manufactured in-house. Providing state-of-the-art technology and customised solutions, we are your qualified partner offering all services under one roof. 

Our wide range of products in aviation and defence comprises:

  • 400 Hz AC to DC converters for computer power supply
  • Pulsed TWTAs for  radar application (high voltage application)
  • Power supply for radar application (low voltage, high currents)
  • DC/DC converters for computer power supply
  • Power converter for fuel cell  electrical systems
  • 60kW / 3 x 115V AC Electrical Power System for Fuel Cells (Aircraft)
  • Power Unit for Mobile Radar System
  • Military Airplane Warning System AC/DC Converter
  • Electronic Power Conditioner for Extended Interactive Klystron Amplifier for Aircrafts