Year 2019: ASP hands over its facility enlargement to operative business

|   ASP-News

ASP´s strategy to be Europeans Leading Space Power Equipment supplier is developing pleasantly.
Since its foundation in the year 2004 ASP is continuously concentrating key-competences for the development, analysis, manufacturing and test of unique power supply solutions under its roof. As a result and flanked by a sustainable business growth, ASP moved in the year 2014 into its headquarters in 88682 Salem (Am Wasserstall 2). With a corresponding personnel and sales increase in combination with an enrichment of new state of the art technologies in the competence portfolio it was found that ASP´s office and manufacturing space for its outstanding Space Power products is tight again. Therefore ASP decided in the year 2018 to purchase another 5.400 square meters of land direct next to the existing headquarters in order to start phase 2 of its enlargement.  After construction of phase 2  ASP headquarters feature a total of
• 1.600 m² office area
• 600 m² electronic laboratory and space equipment integration area
• 500 m² cleanroom class 100.000/ Iso 8
• 80 m² process laboratory & potting facility
• 70 m² laboratory for manufacturing of magnetics
• 60 m² Hirel Storage Room
• 60 m² High Voltage Laboratory
• 30 m² Thermal Vacuum testing area
• 20 m² Laboratory for Microsectioning
• 20 m² Vibration Facility

This strategic investment in the future development of the company will empower ASP to continue its sustainable growth over the next years.