ASP Equipment delivers the EQM of the Power Supply Unit (PSU) for Kompsat 7 (K7)

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The purpose of the KOMPSAT (KOrean Multi Purpose SATellite) satellite is to provide high-resolution pictures for the purpose of precise earth observation from a low polar earth orbit. The satellite is equipped with a very accurate optical imaging camera and a high-resolution infrared sensor which allows to observe fire, volcanic activity and urban thermal islands during day and night and under any weather condition. K7 succeeds the previous model of KOMPSAT-3A.
The PSU is a unique power system, developed and manufactured by ASP-Equipment and consists of two electronic units which are combined in a single mechanical housing. The purpose is to supply secondary power to the panchromatic band camera and the multi spectral band camera. It features 24 highly accurate power outputs, as well as a TC/TM-interface and controlled heater outputs. The PSU contains a total of 8 individual designed, manufactured and tested modules and underlines the capability of ASP to contribute to state of the art spacecraft with outstanding power product solutions.