ASP-Equipment expands its headquarter

|   ASP-News

ASP-Equipment GmbH, the largest independent SME for space products in Germany, has decided to take another major step of sustainable growth. In autumn 2017 it was decided to acquire another 6.400 square meters of land directly next to the existing ASP-Equipment headquarters in Salem, in order to add another 1200 squaremeters of facility space in a first step.

This space will be taken to double the manufacturing capabilities to a total of 600 square meters for a clean room, to add office space, to double the laboratory size and to triple the size of the staff canteen for the growing number of employees.

Further additional extensions to the facility can be performed in future times, when they are required by the development of the company. 

Since its foundation in the year 2004 the company has developed from 7 to 88 employees and ASP is looking for even more qualified staff. See “” for details.

Today ASP is the biggest independent supplier for space power electronics, featuring SME typical benefits like commercial attractivity, innovation, flexibility and quick responsiveness.

In the Aviation and Industrial Sector the company has performed tremendous product developments for fuel cell based aircraft power systems and high resolution electron microscopes.

To enable satellite based communication and data transfer ASP develops, manufactures and services High Power Amplifiers for the ground segment as serial product.  

ASP is pleased about the support by the European Fund for regional development (EFRE) because of its contribution to the creation of future-proof workplaces.

The market demands are moving to the challenges of satellite constellations programs to a stronger extent. ASP is moving in order provide technology, solutions and services to the market demands of tomorrow.