ASP wins contract for ESAs JUICE-mission

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ASP wins contract for ESAs JUICE-mission:

Jupiter Icy moons Explorer (JUICE) is a mission in ESA's Cosmic Vision Program foreseen in 2022. The objective of the JUICE mission is the investigation of Jupiter and its icy moons, Callisto, Ganymede and Europa. It addresses the question of whether possible habitats of life are provided underneath the surfaces of the icy satellites and also probes Jupiter's atmosphere and magnetosphere. Through the unique approach scenario of the JUICE-mission to Jupiter strong requirements for radiation and thermal impact have been identified as challenge for the JUICE mission equipment. ASP managed to convince with its outstanding competence and was successful to win the contract for the Power Distribution Module for the GALA Laser Instrument. The GALA "Ganymede Laser Altimeter" is designed to study the tidal deformation of Ganymede and the morphology and topography of the surfaces of the icy moons. GALA will have a 20 m spot size and 0.1 m vertical resolution at 200 km.