Our PPU for constellations takes another hurdle

|   ASP-News

ASP Equipment offers a new type of Propulsion Power Unit (ASP Spica-Virtus PPU product line) as a series product of a power supply for electric satellite propulsion systems. The aim is to meet customer requirements for quickly available electronic equipment in large quantities and attractive conditions in the new-space market segment.

The coupling test carried out in October 2021 together with Thales Germany impressively confirmed the success of the previous development activities.

The test confirmed that operation at all operating points works well with the PPU, including switching of the output stage in different configurations (low/high voltage).

The filter functions work reliably. The test also confirmed that regulation and adjustment of the operating point is possible without any problems.


The ASP Spica-Virtus PPU will soon be qualified for two different engines. This includes coupling tests with a HEMPT thruster as well as coupling tests with a HET thruster. Modifications for other thruster types can be implemented. The design is based on the operation with different thruster types (HEMPT, HET, Gridded Ion, etc.). The power range is between 400W and 1.2kW.


The main features of the PPU are

- GaN as the base material for completely new product features in terms of power density and efficiency

- Identical functional blocks (half bridges) and common parts strategy

- High efficiency through design optimisation at the best operating point in each case

- Consistent optimisation of mass and weight