State-of-the-art technology on firm ground

Ultimate robustness, accuracy and stability for the most diverse applications on the ground – that is what our industrial power electronics are made for. We provide the highly specialised industry with customised state-of-the-art solutions in hard- and software design to control complex power supplies – both in small and large series production. ASP´s terrestrial power supplies can be found in thousands of mobile broadcast vehicles, as well as in the highest scientific level of electron beam microscopes. Take a closer look at our intelligent industrial power electronics:

2.5kW Electronic Power Conditioner for Ground Station TWTAs

When Industrial applications require ultimate reliability on ground, ASP´s...

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40kV High Voltage Power Supply for Electron Miscroscope

Controlling the electric field of a high resolution Electron Microscope demanded...

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Power Supply Unit for an Electron Microscope

High End Industrial and Scientific Electron Microscopes feature cutting edge...

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High Voltage Linear Regulator for Electron Microscope

In order to control an ultra-accurate electron beam by an electric field the...

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