Tailored to customers' needs

Transformers and inductors are essential components for the energy transmission and storage in power electronics. When being used in space applications, these components have to provide a maximum of precision, reliability and long service life. ASP meets these requirements through highest possible quality standards and manufactures and tests according to inhouse procedures as well as MIL Standards if required. All ASP magnetics are individually manufactured for our customers.

ASP looks back on the experience of ten thousands of space magnetics. We provide total flexibility in terms of design, testing, qualification requirements and the number of required pieces. High voltage magnetics can be potted with ASP Epoxy to provide adequate insulation capabilities.

Low Voltage Magnetics

Low Voltage Magnetics like transformers, filters and inductors will be...

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High Voltage Magnetics

Your idea is our challenge – High Voltage Transformers will individually be...

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