Commercial off the shelf (COTS) DC/DC Converter

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ASP's know-how played a vital role in supporting ESA's strategy to replace electronic parts under ITAR regulations with European technology. 30 years of experience in analogue technology led to the unique design of the ITAR-free COTS-Converter. The unique selling point of this product is the fact that it is ITAR-free offering an outstanding efficiency at the same time.

Fully ITAR-free
21V – 37V Input Voltage (Optional 37 V – 55 V)
3 Output Voltages (3.3 V or 5.0 V, 12.0 V or 15.0 V, -12.0 V or -15.0 V)
12 W Total Power
81% Efficiency
JANS-equivalent space level
Including full-scale analysis data package