Electronic Power Conditioner for Space Radar (High Power Amplifiers HPAs)

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There is a broad variety of radar applications in space. ASP faces the challenge to develop cutting-edge power electronics that are tuned to top performance with regard to all essential aspects. For this equipment the reduction of weight to an extraordinary extent was the major key driver in order to meet tough budget requirements.

DC Input Voltage: 24 to 44 V
Output Voltages: up to 10 kV
Output Power (average): 750W (average)  6kW (peak)
Duty cycle: 12,5% (PRF 3.8 to 4.2 kHz / PW 10 to 40us)
EPC efficiency: 90%
Automatic restart after spurious switch-off
EPC adaptable to different tube manufacturers
Full operation in vacuum, ambient  and critical pressure range
Dimensions: 314x158x138 mm (without mounting feet)
Mass: 7.5 kg
Operating temperature range: -20 to +65°C