ASP power equipment takes you further

ASP is deeply rooted in space industry. This is where our long-term experience originates from and has strengthened the company’s competence profile over time. We provide our customers with individual and specialised DC/DC converters, Instrument Power Units (IPU), Power Control and Distribution Units (PCDU), Electronic Power Conditioner (EPC) as well as Propulsion Power Units (PPU) for high-voltage applications according to ECSS standards.

In many cases ASP power equipment has digital electronic (also including FPGA) on board in order to support the interaction with board computers. We face challenging customer requirements for size, weight, efficiency and reliability thus providing cutting-edge solutions. A unique product family offers ITAR free converter technology at state of the art efficiency levels. No matter, whether ASP’s power equipment is part of scientific missions, navigation satellite or commercial telecommunication services: ASP space hardware features flight heritage in European and other international satellites for many years. 

Our wide range of products in space comprises:

  • High power amplifiers for radar and communication satellites
  • High voltage power supplies for micro-propulsion systems
  • Power control units (PCUs) for primary power systems
  • Low voltage DC/DC  converters
  • Electronic power conditioners (EPCs) for SSPAs 
  • DC/AC inverters for AC-power distribution
  • Electronic Power Conditioner for Space Radar (High Power Amplifiers HPAs)
  • Electronic Power Conditioner for Space Communication (for Travelling Wave Tubes)
  • Ultra Light High Voltage Power Supply for Space
  • High Voltage Multiplier
  • High Voltage Electric Propulsion Supply
  • Components for the Advanced Closed Loop Air Revitalization System for the ISS
  • Redundant Power Distribution Unit
  • Li/Ion Battery and Battery-Management for Space
  • Li/Ion Battery and Battery-Management System (60Ah)
  • Battery Management System for Li-Ion Batteries
  • Power Control Unit with Buck/Boost Converter and with Maximum Power Point Tracker
  • Solar Array Regulator
  • Power Control Unit with Maximum Power Point Tracker
  • Over Temperature External Electronics Box for an Experiment on the ISS
  • Electrical Subsystem for an Experiment on the ISS (Capillary Channel Flow)
  • Low Voltage – High Current DC/DC Converters hybrid
  • Front End Electronic and Heater Switch Module
  • Power Supply Unit for a Multispectral Imager Remote Electronic
  • Low Voltage – High Current DC/DC Converters
  • DC/DC Converter for a Space Transportation System
  • DC/DC Converter for a Telecommand Unit
  • DC/DC Converter for an Atomic Clock Unit (Navigation System)
  • Redundant DC/DC Converter
  • DC/DC Converter for an Environmental Monitoring System (EMU)
  • High Efficiency DC/DC converter (37W)
  • Electronic Power Conditioner (EPC) for SSPA (Navigation System)
  • Commercial off the shelf (COTS) DC/DC Converter
  • DC/DC Converter for Star Tracker
  • High efficiency DC/DC Converter
  • Instrument Power Unit