Everything under one roof

In order to meet the high requirements for the development and production of space electronics, we have established all necessary competences under our roof on the way to outstanding power supplies.

For each customer project, our claim is to bring all requirements in detail to a perfect result. This starts with the electronic and mechanical design and involves the preparation of comprehensive analyses to confirm the development result using recognized methods. We involve our manufacturing experts already in early project phases to improve the manufacturability. During the entire development process of a power supply, we communicate with our customer, e.g. in the form of regular reviews.

  • After a comprehensive development release, the supply chain management procures all individual parts and ensures compliance with the specified space standards.
  • Once the complete material has arrived at ASP, we subject it to a thorough incoming inspection and then prepare it for production.
  • Our manufacturing specialists assemble SMT and THT components according to the recognized ESA rules, while the quality assurance department checks the manufacturing result using the four-eyes principle.
  • If the result is perfect, the developers carry out a commissioning with the aim to establish all functions of the power supply.
  • This is followed by assembly in the mechanical housing and comprehensive functional and environmental tests.

In this way, we achieve competitive solutions in a short time and support our customer´s success in demanding space projects.