Quality (ESA Standards, EN9100)

In the space environment, planning and monitoring of quality is essential. We are holistically committed to applying the highest possible space quality standards. In-depth quality and product assurance is therefore an integral part, which begins with the development of a product and consistently encompasses all manufacturing and verification steps.

We live space quality requirements by 100% of our employees making their dedicated contribution. In this way, we integrate a comprehensive understanding of quality in the development, analysis, production and testing of sophisticated space power electronics.

This is based on the European Space Agency (ESA) specifications applicable to our products.

The ASP quality management is certified according to EN 9100 and it includes the following aspects:

  • Analyses (e.g. Worst Case Analysis with PSpice models, Part Stress Analysis, Failure Modes and Effects and Criticallity Analysis, Reliability Analysis, Structural and Strength Analysis, Radiation Analysis)
  • Requirements management for material and EEE parts procurement
  • Process management and control (e.g. soldering)
  • Configuration control
  • Production monitoring (e.g. assembly, magnetics, potting of high voltage applications)
  • Test monitoring (e.g. bonding and insulation, dimensions, weight, thermal-vacuum, vibration, EMC)
  • Inspection (incoming, outgoing, MIP, KIP)
  • Non-conformance management
  • Calibration monitoring
  • Internal and external audits