ASP-PRODUCTSSatellite Payload

Power supplies for satellite payloads are as unique as the instruments they power.

  • Does your instrument require numerous well-defined voltages, or particularly high currents of 50 amps and more?
  • Do you operate a beam source at several kilovolts, or does your imager’s calibration function require highly accurate current sources?
  • Are you severely limited by installation space or weight requirements?
  • Does your mission expect the highest radiation requirements or are you dealing with extreme temperatures?
  • Are you looking for a viable and solid compromise to higher volume production for a constellation?

We identify the technology that guarantees to make your mission a success. In doing so, we draw from an almost infinite repertoire of solutions, innovations and possibilities.


Your specification is our mission. Because every Satellite Payload product is engineered entirely at ASP, we know how to achieve your goal from the start.