High Voltage Potting

High voltage potting by ASP Epoxy is a potting process with insulation and potting material for high voltages between 200 volts and 30 kV. It was developed in cooperation with ESA. It is a unique hard potting process that combines contradictory requirements such as electrical insulation capability, good thermal conductivity, adapted expansion behavior during temperature changes and low outgassing. The manufacturing process forms a protective hard block with robust mechanical strength and very good thermal conductivity around the encapsulated electronics.

ASP Epoxy is a special material for space electronics when high voltage is involved. The manufacturing process has been documented under Process Identification Document (PID) PR0000-0000ASP/37. ASP guarantees a completely void-free potting structure of the final product through the manufacturing process. Due to its versatile material properties, ASP epoxy is also used in low-voltage applications for fixing transformers, coils and chokes. Here, the material achieves perfect thermal conductivity and mechanical bonding of these components.

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Are you dealing with high voltage in spacecraft? Do you need an insulation material with very good thermal conductivity and perfect mechanical properties?