ASP-NEWS400th Star Tracker Converter shipped5. June 2023

Looking back at the 20 years of ASP´s business, we recall that amongst the very first orders for our spaceborne power supplies were DC/DC converters for Star Trackers produced by the company Jena-Optronik. Since then, ASP has been in a stable and successful supply relationship with Jena-Optronik providing Power Supplies for all their Star Trackers.

We´re proud to announce that last week, we delivered number 400 of those converters. In the space business, where a dozen of identical flight models is already considered as a small serial production, this is a very notable number. In this way, ASP power electronics is reliably operating onboard of hundreds of satellites – covering all space applications – all types of orbits – all major satellite system integrators worldwide. We thank Jena-Optronik very much for their continued trust in our products and are looking forward to a fruitful future co-operation.

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